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Abhay Kalmegh

Head Pictorobo

I’m Abhay Kalmegh, Electronics hobbyist and digital marketing nut – it’s my career, hobby, and passion.

[email protected]walletdreams.com   & Founder @ Food Rescue IND Foundation (NON PROFIT).


Sanket Selokar


Studied Applied Computer Science at Northwest Missouri State University

API & Microservices Developer in USA & Founder @ BlackBird Flyersn (NON PROFIT).

Priyanka Maske

Blog Writer

My name is Priyanka Maske I’m an under graduate student of electronics design and technology engineering,RCOEM. I’m an artist and a content writer/blog writer as well. Deep exploring about electronics with excellent management and presenting skills are my strengths.


Achal Kubade

Blog Writer

I’m Achal Kubade, studies in Electronics Design Technology at RCOEM, exploring knowledge about electronics circuit & designer as well as blog writer…


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